Saturday, April 5, 2008


Page Three... More pictures

Let's take a look inside and see how it looks. The carpet is in rough shape, but it's not staying. Hopfully the floor underneith isn't in too bad of shape. By the way, you can click on these photos and get a better look.

Well like I said it is being used to store stuff. I guess a broken bucket was important to keep.

The kitchen is really nice with the diamod plated walls. I guess this is standard in older campers. I've seen pictures of other Aristcrats, This is the first one i've seen with a copper gas lamp. I think it's really pretty And I'm hoping it can be brought up to current standards so it can be used.

This is the sink. It doesn't have much of a faucet and I think I'll update that to include hot water.
It still has a cutting board. There isn't much of the kitchen left and I'll replace the cutting board, but at least I'll know what it looks like so I can build another one. Nice spice rack...
All in all the kitchen is a wreck, but it does have what I need to rebuild it so it will look as nice as it did in it's hayday...

Thursday, April 3, 2008


Page two... Scary huh?

Well let's see what else I have to post today. Let's go in and have a look... The camper was owned by my Brother-in-law and he has been using it to store things in, mostly car parts. Here is a look through the front door. Yes there is a microwave on top of the refrigerator. It' all 110 volt and won't be needed...

This is were the dining area is supposed to be...

Here is the other side, just to get another view...

Here is what the whole dining area looks like... I think there is hope once we get all of the junk out. No, the hutch isn't staying, in cas you were wondering...

Saturday, February 9, 2008


My 1965 Land Commander

My wife asked if I would like a "Project" and I said OK. Her brother had an old camper sitting at my in-laws and he needed to get rid of it. It was being used to store car parts and other assorted stuff. All in all, though. it wasn't in too bad of shape. It needed some work and so I started looking on the web for any info. While surfing I came across a couple of web sites where people were documenting the restoration of their "Vintage Trailors". I was inspired to do the same thing in the hopes that others looking for ideas and inspiration might find them.

Well, this is it... A geuine 1965 Aristocrat Land Commander. She's in pretty good shape, there are a few things that are going to need to be fixed or changed. But then that was the whole reason my wife said "How would you like a project?". I'll post some more photos of it along with a hand drawn floor plan.

Here is the left side... She is 16 !/2 Foot from the hith to the rear bumper. The actual interior space is about 13x7 foot and she has luvered windows all the way around. Yes, that is a 2 foot gash below the front windows, I was thinking of putting an extior door there for hitch storage.

Here is a rear view... I'm going to need to get new Brake lights. Notice the rear bumper, the whole top is hinged for the septic hoses, As you'll see in the next photo. the rear door has been replaced with a piece of chip board... that will need replacing.

Pretty nice bumper, not having to stuff the sewer hoses into the end of it. Also, the bumper has ARISTOCRAT embossed in it. I think I'll paint it just for some contrast.

I'll end for now, I have to go to work.

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